2022 Viewing

15 that remain with me after a dense and various year of films, most viewed in a theater. Some were late 2021 releases that lacked found single night or festival screenings in LA this year (six at 2220 Arts & Archives). A few more I think about: The Sacred Spirit (Chema García Ibarra), Watcher (Chloe…

2022: Best Listens

30 faves (new releases) 10 faves (reissues) Others (most-spun) The ruthless digital counters say these are the 2022 releases I listened to most beyond the top 40 above.

2021 Viewing

Film Drive My Car – Ryusuke HamaguchiThe Worst Person in the World – Joachim TrierWhat Do We See When We Look at the Sky? – Alexandre KoberidzeThe Power of the Dog – Jane CampionHer Socialist Smile – John GianvitoVictoria (2020, undistributed) – Sofie Benoot, Isabelle Tollenaere, Liesbeth De CeulaerThe American Sector / Terra Femme – Courtney Stephens (x2), Pacho…

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